From Youth to Future Thinking


“From Youth to Future Thinking” program is an important part of the Ministry of Tolerance’s efforts to engage young people in discussions about tolerance and its role in building a brighter future for the UAE. By inspiring young people to think critically about these values and to consider how they can shape their own lives and the future of the country, the program aims to create a more harmonious and inclusive society for all people in the UAE.


The Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence in collaboration with the Federal Youth Authority, is co-organizing and hosting a global youth forum that brings to light the undeniable importance of the need for the world to engage and capitalize on the creative and resilient abilities of our global youth citizens. By invoking the talent of this most vibrant sector, the world would be in a stronger position to build sustainable programs in all fields able to withstand the unending volatility and trends that sway global activity. This world forum aims to explore in pragmatic ways how we can all benefit from building economic and social safety nets in society catalyzed and enabled by the youth for the youth.



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