Conference on ‘Family‘s Role in Consolidating the Tolerance Values’ kicks off with broad Arab participation

ABU DHABI, 18th March 2019 (WAM) – Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Minister of Tolerance, has paid tribute to H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union, Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, and Chairwoman of Motherhood and Childhood Supreme Council, saying she has set a an example to the world in the goodness, unlimited giving and the sincere efforts to support the UAE families in all areas.The Minister of Tolerance expressed his pride of the vital role played by the family in UAE in bringing up their children with strict adherence with the noble values including tolerance. He noted that such trend presents a living embodiment of the true Islam’s teachings and reflects the authenticity of the Arab and Islam heritage which secures a productive life within a framework of harmony, tolerance and respect of cultures and religions for the mutual benefit of all people. He added that the family in UAE is always keen to develop the knowledge the positive opening to the others, correct the misconceptions and stereotypical images about the others. That comes in line with keen interest of the leadership and the people in UAE to ensure the decent living standards for the UAE society as a great cohesive family.Addressing the opening session of the Conference on the Family‘s Role in Consolidating the Tolerance Values, organised by the UAE Ministry of Tolerance under the auspices of Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan noted the UAE Family considers that the values such as tolerance, coexistence and good conduct serve as an important tool to address the critical issues within the society and the whole world. Thus, the family in UAE makes great contribution to formulation of the human society’s characteristics that we are looking forward in our home land he added.Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak welcomed the prominent Arab dignitaries participating in this great event. He added that their participation highlight their recognition of the prestige of the family in our society and its vital role in achieving the prosperity and coexistence and instilling the affection and the social harmony.He added the great role of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak in supporting the family’s issue in UAE, region and whole world is a source of pride and prestige. We appreciate the outstanding efforts of Her Highness to develop the community and best stimulate the capabilities of its individuals. Thanks to the visionary instructions and initiatives of Umm Al Emarat, the achievements made by the Family in UAE are widely regarded as extremely successful experience, shining example and model to the successful family in the whole world and its role in the development of the society, Sheikh Nahyan said. He thanked Her Highness for her generous patronage and great attention to this vital event. He convoyed the greetings of Her Highness to the participants and her wishes of success for the event.The Minister of Tolerance shined the light of the fact that recognition by this conference of the family’s contribution to the development of the society and the ties of the friendship and affection that tie the members of a family as well as the links of citizenship and communal living in the country and the world. It is also a recognition of its role in securing the material, moral, and spiritual support its members and promoting the humanitarian values and principles of trust, respect and communication that should prevail among them. The conference would focus on the family’s values as source of strength for the society.Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak stressed that building of a straight person starts with family. He called upon the parents to act good example for their children. They should teach them, from a very young age, the life skills, noble humanitarian values, good citizenship, voluntarism and addressing of whatsoever challenges. That is the best way to enhance our identity, patriotism and loyalty to our visionary leadership.He explained that the family’s communal responsivity entails that it is the communal responsibility of the family to keep adhering to the noble values and principles to motivate the development process under the great attention of our visionary leaders to the family program. He added that the adherence to such values has created a tolerant and coexistent society in a country where all can live in peace and prosperity.Explaining the pillar of the family’s role in development process in UAE, Sheikh Nahyan pointed out that the Family in UAE strives to achieve the targeted hopes and aspirations under the farsighted directives of Our Founding Father, the late Sheik Zayed bin Sultan who strongly believed that the family is the cornerstone of the civilization and the source of the true wealth in UAE. Therefore, it is important to achieve the economic empowerment of the family and enhance its contribution to the various walks of life to ensure the progress and growth of our country. He added that the late Sheik Zayed took consistent interest in the role of the family in developing the society and raising healthy generation capable of building their country as per the best international standards. I’m entirely confident that, based on the present characteristics of the family in UAE, the individuals will not be misled by any ideological influences and destructive behaviors. The Family in UAE recognizes its vital role towards the whole mankind in consistence with the country’s targets and the peaceful coexistence with all people. This wise policy gains a great prominence for country throughout the world the Minister of Tolerance added.According to Sheikh Nahyan, the UAE’s experiences and initiatives in the field of the communal empowerment to ensure the contribution of all people to the social and economic developments including the introduction of the Ministry of tolerance and declaration of 2019 as the Year of Tolerance reflect the advanced civilization approach adopted by UAE to promote the positive humanitarian behaviors such as the tolerance, coexistence and respect of the others.He added that UAE always focusses in the education, public awareness, targeted initiatives and the ideal communal vision to cement and promote the ties of brotherhood and compassion, respect of the others, coexistence and understanding as precious values and principles that all people in the globe share. We are committed to strengthen the relations between the cultures, religions and civilizations he said.In his inaugural speech,Sheikh Nahyan addressed the key elements to be discussed by the conference. The first element, Tolerance Knights Program is one of the creative initiatives launched as part of the Ministry’s commitment to spreading the values and principles of the Tolerance and its mission to serve the benefits of the whole community.Sheikh Nahyan pointed out that the main aim of the program is to encourage and qualify all categories and individuals of our community to utilise all their potential powers in spreading the values of tolerance, respect, coexistence and harmony among all UAE citizens and residents to achieve happiness and prosperity for all. The program was conducted in this month for the period of 3 days for a group of male and female knights from Al Dhafra area who were selected by the Ministry of Tolerance in collaboration with the Family Development Corporation and the High College of Technology. He announced that the graduates of this program who will be honored by the conference, will introduce a number of the works project and the experiences gained by them from the program in the fields of tolerance. The Tolerance Knights Program is based on Sheikh Zayed’s vision and the country’s ethical values, international conventions and common human values. We have the right to be proud of the fact the UAE has become a leading example of peaceful coexistence and prosperity in the world Sheikh Nahyan said.The second element of the conference covers the review of the means of cooperation and mutual work with family and communal development centers in UAE. According to the Minster of Tolerance, such centers are designed as oases where the family members of various categories meet work together to carry out beneficial projects and programs for their society including the continuing education courses and programs for development of their life skills. The Tolerance Knights will lead the works and activities in these centers with the support of the Ministry of Tolerance and the management of the centers.With regard to the third element of the Conference, He stressed that it is intended to discuss the appropriate ways to build effective community partnerships to support the role of the family in the area of tolerance, so that tolerance would be a field for working with all so that the efforts of society as a whole would be highly appreciated, effective and optimistic at the national level. That this component of the conference addresses the discussion of ideas and views and the signing of memorandums of understanding with the institutions of society, out of the full conviction that the community partnerships on the role of the family in the field of tolerance is an important tool to achieve the benefit of the possibilities available for the good of all.The Minister of Tolerance emphasised the importance of the communal partnerships in the fields of innovation and creation to raise the awareness of the world about UAE as the leading model in coexistence and tolerance and collaborate with the concerned entities to develop the role of the family and consolidate the values of tolerance and coexistence.It is a source of pride that a special session has been dedicated by the conference to review the initiatives and achievements of Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak under the title Umm Al Emarat as a leading example for Tolerance in Society and the World . The significance of this key session lies on the fact that Her Highness occupies a very prominent place in the hearts of all people as the good example for the women in the world and she has been honored by several prestigious national, international and regional organizations in recognition of her outstanding efforts and initiatives.The events of the conference featured a wide Arab participation in the five key and discussion sessions. The Ministry of Tolerance signed 5 partnership agreements with various entities on the fields of the family and the community to promote the values of tolerance and coexistence in UAE. The graduates of Batch 2 of the Tolerance Knights Program were honored in the presence of Afra Al Sabri, the Director General at the Minster of Tolerance’s office, Abdullah Al Nuaimi, the Executive Director of the National Tolerance Program as well as more than 300 local and Arab dignities.The Session of Umm Al Emarat as a leading example for Tolerance in the Society and World featured the participation of Fawzia Abdullah Zainal, Speaker for the Council of Representatives of Bahrain, Mohammed Al Murr, the former Speaker of the Federal National Council (FNC), Turki bin Abdullah Al Dakhil, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to UAE, and Dr. Farkhonda Hassan, Secretary-General of the National Council for Women – Egypt. The session was managed by Dr. Sulaiman Al-Hattlan.Dr. Farkhonda Hassan, Secretary-General of the National Council for Women – Egypt, noted that the prestigious position gained by Shaikha Fatma bint Mubarak on both Arab and international levels is attributed to her outstanding efforts and initiatives for the benefit of the woman, child and family in UAE and abroad. Such outstanding achieved have engraved her name in the memory of the world as an example for tolerance and forgiving. She added that Umm Al Emarat has never differentiated among the human beings on basis of color, race, sex, culture or religion. That embodies the genuine value of UAE on both levels of leadership and people.On his part, Turki bin Abdullah Al Dakhil, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia highlighted the works and initiatives of Umm Al Emarat in AGCC countries. He Added that H.H. Sheikha Fatma bint Mubarak paved the way for the AGCC woman to occupy a prominent position in the various economic, social, politic and humanitarian areas and promoted the image of the woman as an open-minded person for the various culture.Fawzia Abdullah Zainal, Speaker for the Council of Representatives of Bahrain, hailed the role Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Umm Al Emarat, in consolidating the principles and values of tolerance and co-existence and her initiatives for the benefit of the family, child and women. She added that her achievements reflect her deep belief in her noble mission to develop the AGCC women and promote the genuine values that enhance the role of the women and the family in the society.Mohammed Al Murr, the Former Speaker of the Federal National Council (FNC), expressed his pride of Umm Al Emarat as an Emarati Arab prominent example on the international level. He lauded the great humanitarian and social works and projects in the 5 continents and dozens of estates without any distinction on the basis of religion or race. That is the highest level of tolerance which secure a prominent of position for Umm Al Emarat as the model of the Humanity and Tolerance in the world.”}]

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