Government's role as an incubator of tolerance

The government of the UAE seeks to spread the values and principals of tolerance, moderation, acceptance through the laws and regulations. develop national indicators and work mechanisms for all governmental institutes and encourage them to adopt and develop their policies and services’ system in order to create institutions characterized by tolerance and pluralism


This field is concerned with workers in ministries, departments and institutions with the aim of raising awareness and spreading a culture of tolerance in their work mechanisms and daily practices, by involving them in a set of events and activities that are commensurate with the nature of their work that are rich, enjoyable and beneficial and do not require adding job burdens, but rather contribute to the development of their job skills system and life. It also contributes to the institutions being characterized by their tolerance and respect for coexistence and pluralism, and enhancing the capacity for innovation brought by diversity.
Highlights the significance of tolerance and its importance for the leadership of the country and its role in the performance of government nationally and internationally.
Strengthen the national awareness of tolerance, coexistence and diversity acceptance in the lives of people and organizations.
Activate the role of employees and organizations to realize the Government’s vision and empowering them to serve the society.
Activate the role of organizations and make use of their facilities to establish and spread the values of tolerance through diverse activities, events and programs.
Enhance tolerance knowledge content among the employees and community
Measure tolerance in organizations, awards and national sustainable programs of tolerance.

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