Promote tolerance among young people

Developing the role of youth in various fields, recognizing their role in promoting the values of tolerance, and enabling them to achieve a bright future  as well as protecting them from intolerance and extremism


Activating the role of youth in various areas of humanitarian action and attention to strengthening the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence, enabling them to contribute to the future of the country, focusing on the rehabilitation of a new generation of young people to become a positive energy that contributes to the promotion of tolerance and coexistence. Spreading these values ​​among individuals, families and societies, and assuring that the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence is the responsibility of all, motivating young people to achieve good and prosperity in society and raising their awareness to the dangers of extremism and intolerance, and supporting their abilities in confronting it, Youth play an important role in promoting tolerance and coexistence in the UAE. They are the future leaders of the country and have the potential to shape the culture and values of society
Contribute to spreading the values of tolerance and coexistence in society, including achieving satisfaction and happiness.
Strengthening the role of community centers and family development centers in promoting the values of tolerance.
Giving the youth the opportunity to actively participate in the development of society, and making tolerance and coexistence a field for community leadership and public service work, and even making it a field for creativity, creativity and innovation.
Achieving a good understanding of the meanings of tolerance as a tool for soft power other than the state, through voluntary projects carried out by youth within and outside the country.
Refining the behavior of young people, immunizing them against deviant thoughts and extremist behavior, and developing sound habits. It matters.
Emphasizing the position of “social responsibility” as an important element in spreading peace and progress in the country, and raising the standards of Dialogue in society.

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