Hope and Work

Champions of Tolerance

The Ministry of Tolerance launches the virtual Champions of Tolerance forum titled “Hope and Work” to spread awareness and enhance the role of the Champions of Tolerance in the face of unexpected changes, by highlighting the most important changes that have occurred in several sectors such as education, health, family, environment and work. As well as, the challenges faced by the individuals in accepting and adopting to the rapidly changing conditions resulting from the pandemic. The forum will discuss the impact this has had on our lives and how all of us can navigate through these challenging events with the help of the keys to tolerance and use this crucial time of rebuilding lives with a more tolerant and hopeful mindset



  1. Shed light on the most important changes imposed by this pandemic.
  2. Instilling the values of tolerance in the champions and making them aware of the importance of adopting to the changing conditions.
  3. Reviving a spirit of hope and positivity in the hearts of youth.
  4. Encourage suitable community involvement and participation during these critical circumstances.

The impact of the pandemic on the following sectors:

Family engagement
  • Needs of Children
  • Rise in Domestic Violence
  • Mental Stress and Anxiety
  • Rise of Racism
Impact of school closure
  • Parenting and home schooling
  • Struggle Teachers face
  • Future of learning for students
  • Academic Assessment strategies
  • Innovative techniques to combat lack of learning
  • Back to school
Impact of pandemic on global economy
  • Struggles of large and small businesses
  • Profits vs. People Policies
  • Struggles of Generation Z
  • Reopening Offices
  • Performance: Office vs. Home
  • Crime during covid-19
Realities of the healthcare worker
  • Compassion fatigue at the workplace
  • Emotional Burnout
  • Facing harassment and attacks
  • Is nature healing itself?
  • Fall in air pollution levels
  • Wildlife finds a chance to thrive
  • Poachers get active
  • Rainforest
Humanity Prevails
  • Global unity
  • Display of human affection
  • Innovations that allow people to come closer
  • Community support
  • Rebuilding societies with a tolerant mindset
The Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence in collaboration with the Federal Youth Authority, is co-organizing and hosting a global youth forum that brings to light the undeniable importance of the need for the world to engage and capitalize on the creative and resilient abilities of our global youth citizens. By invoking the talent of this most vibrant sector, the world would be in a stronger position to build sustainable programs in all fields able to withstand the unending volatility and trends that sway global activity. This world forum aims to explore in pragmatic ways how we can all benefit from building economic and social safety nets in society catalyzed and enabled by the youth for the youth.


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