Contributing to International Efforts to Promote Tolerance

This initiative has been developed with the goal of enhancing the UAE’s international reputation as a role model for tolerance and coexistence. By implementing programs and courses that promote these values and train individuals in the use of technology to address related issues, the initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness of the UAE on the global stage


The Ministry of Tolerance is dedicated to organizing a variety of international initiatives that promote human solidarity and address issues of tolerance, intolerance, and discrimination. These initiatives aim to examine the legal, philosophical, and religious aspects of tolerance and human dignity through legislation and ideas. Some of the key forums and conferences organized by the Ministry include the

  • International Tolerance Efforts Forum
  • Communities Forum
  • International Conference on “The Concept of Tolerance in Systems, Legislation, and Laws.”

These events provide a platform for sharing ideas and knowledge about tolerance and its role in promoting human dignity and coexistence. They also offer an opportunity to discuss and address the challenges and issues related to tolerance in different contexts.

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