Tolerance Clubs


As part of the National Festival of Tolerance and Coexistence that took place in Expo, the Ministry offered Tolerance Clubs in universities an exciting opportunity to organize some activities, as well as engage in fun and thought-provoking activities during the event, all revolving around Tolerance, and Tolerance Clubs members are offered a platform to organize activities within this event



A training program designed to refine the personality of the participants and develop their abilities to learn more about themselves and their awareness of the values of tolerance. Moreover, to demonstrate their skills to make them shine in the spirit of tolerance, coexistence and openness to the other positively through various tools and methods based on self-assessment, personality analysis and explore their abilities and experiences, and link them to the six keys of tolerance addressed by the Program in detail: empathy, acquaintance, dialogue, conflict resolution, flexibility, teamwork.

The Champion of Tolerance program offers four main categories:


Awareness program targeting all categories of society

  • Children
  • Women
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • Special needs
An educational program aimed at students of all categories
  • Schools
  • Higher education
  • Training Centers
  • Academic Research
A program that target institutions in the public and private sector
  • Government
  • Private
  • International Organization
On demand
This program is based on the specific nature of the target group
  • General
  • Academic
  • Organization

Utilization of technology to spread tolerance values

Cooperation with the international company apple in the implementation of a range of specialized programs and courses to recruit smart technology and applications to address the challenges and opportunities relating to issues of tolerance.


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