Government's role as an incubator of tolerance

The government of the UAE seeks to spread the values and principals of tolerance, moderation, acceptance through the laws and regulations. develop national indicators and work mechanisms for all governmental institutes and encourage them to adopt and develop their policies and services’ system in order to create institutions characterized by tolerance and pluralism


A national symposium organized by the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence gathers representatives and members of tolerance committees from various government and local institutions. During the symposium, the positive developments of the “Government as a Incubator of Tolerance” national initiative are reviewed, spanning four years since its launch by the Cabinet until now. Additionally, the symposium showcases best government practices related to tolerance, coexistence, and human fraternity that have been implemented in these institutions, as well as the impact of the national initiative on the outcomes of these institutions. Furthermore, outstanding institutions in the implementation of this national initiative are honored.
The objectives of the annual symposium for

Government as an Incubator of Tolerance

can be summarized as follows:

  • Promoting Tolerance and Coexistence: To establish and reinforce the principles of tolerance and coexistence across diverse sectors of society, fostering an inclusive and harmonious environment.
  • Showcasing Government Efforts: To highlight the efforts of the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, as well as federal and local government entities, in the implementation of the national initiative “Government as an Incubator of Tolerance.”
  • Knowledge Sharing: To facilitate the exchange of experiences and best government practices in the fields of tolerance and coexistence. This includes sharing successful strategies and initiatives that have been effective in promoting these values within government institutions and society.
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