Esport Board Meeting

Dear Colleagues:

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to this Second Board Meeting of the Global Commission for Tolerance in Esports and Gaming. Greetings to you all. I give a special welcome to Mr. Tom Watson, our newest Board member. I also greet Mr. Michael Garin, CEO of TWOfour54 here in Abu Dhabi and thank him for their support of the work of our Commission. I want to assure you of the United Arab Emirates’ full support for all your efforts and initiatives. I also pledge my personal commitment to your success. Working together, we will make Esports and gaming not only more interesting and more enjoyable, but also a force for shaping our common future for the better. Together, we are inspired by the opportunities that Esports offers to create a better world. We cherish the bridges that Esports and gaming have built between individuals and communities within each country and throughout the world.
My friends, I want to briefly make four observations that I believe are woven into our meeting today and to place them in the context of our discussions and resolutions.

First, tolerance, civility, innovation, imagination, and teamwork are the cornerstones of success in the Esports and Gaming world. These values are extremely relevant to global efforts to deal with current world challenges. I look forward in this meeting to resolving all issues surrounding the formation and the effective operation of the task forces that will further enhance the role of these values in Esports. We must continue to
highlight the role of these task forces in dealing with issues of toxicity, racism, bullying, and stereotypical attitudes and behavior. Esports must always be a true engine of promoting tolerance and harmony in our world.

Second, the international composition of our commission testifies to the global reach of our work. Together, we clearly declare that regional and international cooperation can enhance creativity and innovation, facilitate the spread of new ideas, and helps bring our global communities together around shared human values. At the same time, you emphasize the need for each country to pay close attention both to its national policy for using and sharing in the benefits of knowledge and information and to its willingness to form regional and global partnerships focusing on the promotion of digital innovations. Digital interactions function best with international collaboration and shared endeavor. Covid-19 has moved digital progress ahead substantially. We have the responsibility to seize the tremendous opportunities presented by new digital products and services that will shape and support the new digital norms, now and in the future.

Third, transparency in the work of our commission is essential to developing a culture of achievement and accountability. Transparency ensures vigor in our work, encourages creativity, facilitates feedback from stakeholders, and results in continued improvement and renewal. I am pleased to refer to your decision that the meetings of our Commission will always be open to others. We are hopeful that this will support our goal of operating at the highest levels of relevance and effectiveness as we strive to benefit individuals and society and to improve the quality of life for all.
Fourth, the United Arab Emirates will host the Dubai EXPO 2020, for six months starting in October of this year, after having been postponed from last year due to COVID-19. More than 192 nations and international organizations are committed to participate in the EXPO. They will have an important platform to attract and inspire the anticipated millions of visitors from around the world. The Dubai EXPO will bring people from all backgrounds and all corners of the earth together for unique shared experiences that will help them to know one another, to talk to one another, and to live with one another in peace and harmony. This presents an important opportunity for Esports and I look forward to our commission’s thoughts and ideas on how to leverage the activities of the EXPO for the benefit of Esports and gaming.
I thank all of you for reminding us today that Esports enrich our lives. And that in appreciating achievement in the e-games, we honor the human spirit – the hard work and the focus that success requires.
I welcome you all, once again. My best wishes for a productive meeting.
Thank you.

شارك الخبر
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