Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, Muslim Council of Elders sign joint cooperation agreement in dialogue, tolerance and human brotherhood

Under the patronage of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, and in the presence of several religious leaders, Afra Al-Sabri, Director-General of the ministry, and Counsellor Mohamed Abdelsalam, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders (MCE), signed an agreement for joint cooperation.

The agreement activates the capabilities of the ministry and the MCE to serve their strategic goals in spreading and strengthening the culture of dialogue, tolerance, coexistence and human brotherhood, domestically and internationally.

The cooperation agreement focuses on strengthening the existing partnership and cooperation between both parties by organising several domestic and global initiatives of common interest, such as research projects, conferences, forums and programmes that promote coexistence and tolerance and seek to enhance cooperation permanently through developing and supporting frameworks of understanding.

The two parties should exchange experiences to contribute to the development of society, and create an environment of acquaintance, tolerance, understanding, coexistence and respect.

Al-Sabri said the relationship between the ministry of and the MCE is based on achieving common goals related to the message of both parties in spreading and strengthening a culture of tolerance, coexistence, human brotherhood, empathy and dialogue among human beings.

She stressed the ability of the two parties to complete joint projects in the near future to achieve these goals under the patronage and support of Sheikh Nahyan.

Al-Sabri praised the great humanitarian role played by the MCE at the regional and global levels, as part of its constant endeavour to provide ways such as dialogue, sympathy and coexistence between all cultures and religions to promote human tolerance among all. This may provide opportunities to find common ground for the future of human beings on this planet.

For his part, ‘Judge’ Mohamed Abdelsalam expressed his deep appreciation for the efforts made by the ministry to spread tolerance and coexistence among various groups of society and at the global level. These efforts resulted in a true culture of tolerance in the UAE society, which includes multiple nationalities, races and religions. Thus, the UAE model of tolerance, coexistence and peace has become a global model, which is praised by everyone.

He praised the tireless efforts of Sheikh Nahyan in this field.

Abdelsalam explained that signing an agreement for joint cooperation with the ministry is a real addition to the efforts of the MCE. The agreement seeks to integrate efforts between the two parties for projects, initiatives and activities at the local and international levels. It helps achieve the goals of the Council such as spreading the human culture of dialogue and tolerance in a more influential and widespread manner. It also enables the two parties to benefit from their capabilities in an optimal way that is in the interest of achieving common goals.

He stressed that the coming period will witness the activation of this agreement in a number of important areas and initiatives.

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