Ministry of Tolerance launches the “Communities Forum” in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, 24th November 2018 (WAM) – The Ministry of Tolerance organised the Communities Forum in Abu Dhabi concluding the specialized forums held during the National Tolerance Festival under the theme On Zayed’s Approach .The Forum was attended by more than 70 public personalities of community leaders and ambassadors of sisterly and friendly countries, along with business leaders, investors, thinkers and clergymen, members of diplomatic corps from around the world representing 60 countries.Opening the Forum, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, said the Ministry seeks through the Forum to attract and listen to the best ideas, suggestions and initiatives of community leaders who believe in the importance of promoting and enriching tolerance.He also noted that the Tolerance Festival organised by the Ministry last week has achieved its strategic objectives, foremost of which is to emphasize that the tolerance principles in the UAE were instilled by the founding father the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He adopted tolerance and coexistence as one of the UAE’s major approaches, which has made it a world example in tolerance.Sheikh Nahyan thanked the audience who were keen to attend the Forum, hoping that the discussions would come out with new and innovative ideas to promote the values of tolerance in all social, economic, religious and educational fields.He suggested important topics for dialogue, such as the creation of a practical framework to promote the values of tolerance through partnership between the government and the private sectors, and the efforts to enhance this partnership.He continued The National Tolerance Festival highlighted the important role played by the Ministry of Tolerance as a soft power promoting the tolerance and as a national institution that promotes compassion and cooperation among all groups and enables intelligent dialogue that leads to respect and understanding. The Festival further played a big role in celebrating the rich diversity of the UAE in all its forms, Sheikh Nahyan added, pointing to the Tolerance Cricket Cup, which succeeded in highlighting the sports skills and enthusiastic performance of the diverse workforce in the country. It achieved great success supported a large number of businessmen who believe in tolerance and its role in the economic and community, as well as its important humanitarian role, he added.Speaking to the communities’ leaders, Sheik Nahyan said It is important to clarify what we mean by tolerance in the UAE. People in this dear country know very well that tolerance requires respect for diversity and difference in all its forms. Tolerance also stimulates the ability to empathize with others’ attitude, vision or belief. Our tolerance encourages empathy among individuals of the community that absorbs the crises and mitigates them. The tolerance in the UAE enables the individuals to apply the golden principle Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you , Sheikh Nahyan added. We believe that tolerance is necessary to resolve conflicts, as it ensures the flexibility to allow people to face, understand and overcome difficult circumstances without having to abandon one’s convictions. It further creates productive teams in the workplace and communities, and enhances the social and economic development. He added.Furthermore, Sheikh Nahyan pointed out that the belief of all in these values will help to get a stable homeland enjoying prosperity and progress and a world able to overcome all the challenges, stressing that the Forum’s debates are capable of making a bright future for all. It is unique talk among the leaders and heads of all communities living in the country because our similarities are much more than our differences.Present at the forum were Afraa Al Sabri-Minister of Tolerance’s Office, Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of the National Tolerance Programme, and dignitaries from 60 countries including the Netherlands, Fiji, Sudan, South Sudan, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, USA, Oman, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Armenia, Spain, Ghana, Iraq, Portugal, Costa Rica, Finland, Algeria, Republic of South Africa, Republic of Serbia, Brazil, France, Norway, Montenegro, Republic of Belarus, Spain, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan Professional Business Council, Malaysia, and the British Culture Council.

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