Over 5,000 volunteers participate in creating world’s largest natural flower carpet

DUBAI, 25th November, 2019 (WAM) — Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, stated that the participation of over 5,000 volunteers, including university students, families, workers, graduates, government employees, private sector employees, the elderly, people of determination and women, in creating the world’s largest natural flower carpet highlights the UAE’s values of tolerance, especially as they represent more than 150 nationalities living in the country.Sheikh Nahyan added that the true meaning of the achievement, which is part of a three-day initiative launched by the Ministry of Tolerance, in cooperation with several national federal, local and academic institutions, at the Festival City Dubai is highlighted by the fact that all nationalities have worked together in harmony to complete their work.This achievement would not have been possible without the many nationalities whose languages, religions, colours and nationalities differed, but they came together to present, to the public, a symbolic image of tolerance in the homeland of tolerance, affirming the belief of everyone in tolerance as a message and a way of life, he further added.Sheikh Nahyan made this statement after receiving a certificate from the Guinness World Records, during a ceremony organised by the ministry, in the presence of Afra Al Sabri, Director-General of the Office of the Minister of Tolerance, and many federal and local leaders, along with the participating volunteers.Sheikh Nahyan dedicated the record to all those who participated in the achievement, stressing that the spirit that everyone showed deserves appreciation. He further said that this spirit is the real goal of all the activities organised by the ministry, a spirit that always emphasises the strength of the UAE’s community cohesion and reveals that the message of tolerance has already reached all segments of society, without exception.The initiative also succeeded in highlighting the key role of tolerance as a soft power, which the ministry aims to strengthen by encouraging compassion, cooperation and harmony among all groups of peoples, he further added, affirming that it also makes it possible for everyone to conduct dialogue that leads to respect and understanding, and explaining that the initiative has played a major role in celebrating the UAE’s rich diversity.

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