Remarkable turnout of families to the tolerance activities at Umm Al Emarat Park

ABU DHABI, 10th November 2019 (WAM) – Under the theme of On Zayed’s Approach , activities of the National Festival for Tolerance and Human Fraternity, which is being organised by the Ministry of Tolerance at Umm Al Emarat Park, are continuing for the third day in a row witnessing a remarkable turnout of visitors from various communities living in the UAE.Activities of the morning period, include entertaining activities, contests and distribution of gifts, in addition to a march of tolerance for school students through which they pass by arches designed inside the Park to teach them the most important values ​​of tolerance.During the evening, many activities are organised, attracting families from different nationalities, especially children who are the Festival’s major guests.The large theatre in the Park also saw great musical shows including the Tolerance song and Tal’a Al-Bader Alina chant performed by students of Zayed II and Al-Muzdalifah primary schools. Other shows were also performed by the Emirati folklore ensembles expressing their support for the noble values ​​of tolerance.On the other hand, the pavilions of partners, embassies and productive families witnessed a large turnout of the visitors.Yasser Al Gargawi, Executive Director of the National Festival for Tolerance and Human Fraternity expressed his happiness with the level of awareness of the values ​​of tolerance among the various segments of society, which was reflected in the significant turnout to the activities of the Festival and their interaction with them. The UAE is truly a land of tolerance, coexistence, acceptance of the other and respect for difference, and this is what the Festival is embodying and promoting among all segments of the society, especially children and school students, he added.He continued, The Ministry of Tolerance in cooperation with all institutions, is organising the National Festival for Tolerance and Human Fraternity to stand as a platform for everyone to participate in promoting the values of tolerance, so all segments of society, citizens and residents are welcome to participate in such a great event. The Festival is offering special programmes dedicated to talented Emirati, Arab and international individuals, who perform singing, artistic works, theater performances, heritage and intellectual seminars, in addition to various competitions, Al Gargawi said.Among the festivities offered during the event are programmes and activities dedicated to school students, in addition to general activities, stage shows, intellectual seminars, heritage performances by ensembles from brotherly and friendly countries, exhibitions of community initiatives, workshops, seminars and forums that discuss issues related to tolerance. There are also other joint initiatives combing different segments of society, including individuals and institutions, where the efforts of all are integrated to achieve one goal, which is to promote values of tolerance, Gargawi added.The morning activities, which target more than 3,000 students from public and private schools throughout the festival, focus on integrating and motivating them through a programme, in which students are divided into teams to compete with each other for hundreds of awards and gifts, followed by playing global melodies on percussion instruments. After that, they go in the march of tolerance for school students within the Park carrying the badges and banners of tolerance. During the march, they pass under five arches bearing slogans and the values of tolerance.Mohamed Shawki Arafa, who led the choir of Zayed II and Muzdalifah primary schools, which comprised more than 60 students to perform several religious and national songs, in addition to a special song of tolerance, said that the completion of that work required nearly two months of training in cooperation between all under a direct support from the Ministry Education.He hailed the performance that was very good comparing to the student’s age, expressing his happiness with the interaction of the audience with the performances.

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