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Expo 2020 Dubai hosts international conference ‘Mothers as Champions of Human Fraternity’

DUBAI, 21th March, 2022 (WAM) — Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, said, Mother’s Day in the UAE has become a renowned occasion, to celebrate and honour the Mother of the Nation, H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union (GWU), Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation (FDF), as an inexhaustible source of good, whether in the service of social development efforts in general or in the interest of deepening the role of women in society and the world. The efforts and achievements of Her Highness continue in the service of society and the human being, and never stop, whether in education, health, maternal and childcare, the charity works, or in the development of good relations between the followers of civilisations and cultures, or in everything that would advance the community, the homeland and the world in all fields, said Sheikh Nahyan in his keynote speech at the opening of the international conference Mothers as Champions of Human Fraternity , organised at Expo 2020 Dubai under the kind patronage of Sheikha Fatima, on the occasion of the UAE and the Arab world celebration of Mother’s Day.The event was convened in cooperation with the GWU, Family Development Councils, and the Higher Committee on Human Fraternity.The sessions of the conference addressed several main topics, namely the status of motherhood in a changing world, the pivotal role of the mother in forming a cohesive family, and the efforts and achievements of Sheikha Fatima in these areas.Speakers included Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development; Razan Al Mubarak, the Managing Director of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi; Ambassador Mary Moby, the Commissioner-General of Zimbabwe at Expo 2020 Dubai; Randa Bessiso, the Founding Director of the Middle East Centre; Leena Khalil, the Co-founder of Mumzworld, and Dr. Khadra Salem, the Representative of Al-Azhar in the Egyptian Senate, in the presence of Afra Al Sabri, Director-General at the UAE Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence.Sheikh Nahyan said, We express our deep appreciation for what Her Highness represents for all of us as a role model and a good example of loyalty. We extend our utmost gratitude and respect to Her Highness for what she always affirms in word and deed of the importance of providing the necessary care for motherhood and childhood, and Her Highness stresses also that women in every place shall be fully capable of giving and achievement, as the woman shall learn at the highest level, and develop her energies and potential to the maximum to raise her sons and daughters and teach them to love their homeland and contribute fully to the progress of the society, and the mother shall be open with confidence and without sensitivity to all the achievements of development in the country and the world.He stressed that the conference addresses through dialogue and discussion the status of motherhood in a changing world, the pivotal role of the mothers in the formation of a cohesive family, and the efforts and achievements of Her Highness in these areas, with which the UAE has become vivid proof of a very successful experience in affirming the role of the mother in the development of society and the human being. The conference also highlights the role of mothers as Champions of Human Fraternity .He explained that the mother is the first teacher for the child, always striving to raise him on virtue, faith, commitment, and keenness on giving and achievement, confirming that the Abu Dhabi Declaration on Human Fraternity calls strongly for the protection of women’s rights, and for the safe and secure development of the child, indicating that we all have a duty and responsibility for a creative response to this call, and to do our part in empowering women everywhere to excel and outperform and to contribute effectively to the progress of society, and even to empower women to play their pivotal role in the upbringing of children and giving for them.The conference focuses on the thought, giving and achievements of Sheikha Fatima as an inspiring model for all global experiences and the strong conviction that dialogue, exchange of experiences and joint action worldwide are the sure-fire way to affirm the role of the mother in the progress of society and human being, and her role in spreading the values of peace, love and coexistence among all to ensure that the mother will be as a lasting change driver for a better world. Your presence here today at Expo 2020 Dubai, which focuses on building a better future for the world, corresponds fully with what you express of the full confidence in the future of the homeland and the world. This future that is getting stronger and greater in line with the status of the mother in our life and her ability to perform her roles in work, production, and upbringing of generations, confirming that he is very happy also to express his deep gratitude to all international figures participated in this conference, calling to take concrete measures to turn all hopes and aspirations into reality and put the same into action, he said in conclusion.Hessa Bu Hamid said, Enhancing awareness of the system of values of tolerance inevitably begins, from childhood, with socialization of a generation that will be able to coexist and build the bridges of love and peace and stimulating the interaction and participation of all individuals to convey the message of tolerance to all children in the UAE society and to the world.”nn”It is very important for women and mothers to realize the importance of refining the system of values of tolerance at the mercy of motherhood and in the early childhood development, because by doing that we develop the spirit of responsibility and commitment of all family members and segments, and thus the family becomes a model and example of tolerance and positive behavior, and as a bridge for a safe path for all family members, to enhance self-confidence and affirm respect for the others. Razan Al Mubarak, the Managing Director of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, expressed her happiness to participate in this international conference that celebrates Mother’s Day, who is the source of human values, and first teacher of the human being.”This conference seeks to support mothers to play in full their roles in raising future generations and the prosperity of societies, where mothers play a major role in building family cohesion on the basis of the human values, foremost among which are tolerance, compassion and coexistence. We in the UAE are fortunate to be in the care of Sheikha Fatima, who we take pride in her as a universal humanitarian symbol of giving and supporting, not only for Emirati women and mothers, but for all women in the world,” she added.”Her Highness will always remain as an example and role model for all of us, from whom we derive the strength, will and sincere desire to provide good for all without exception. We are all fully aware that the Mother of the UAE has performed good deeds for all and counting her actions and efforts are impossible. Her positions and actions remain as evidence to her support for the empowerment of women, support for the mother and care for the family.”

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